Current Guest Exhibitions

A new Flint, White & Small Wall Exhibition

The Perceptive Eye


An exhibition by award-winning photographer Graham Portlock


A collection of carefully observed images of the rural and urban environment, 

embracing an eclectic mix of techniques and media, including traditional sepia-toned silver bromide prints made from infra-red film negatives, pigment digital prints 

on archival art papers, large canvases, and unique copper and steel photo-etchings.


My photography is not about manipulated, obscure, or pretentious imagery.

It’s about seeing the potential for a strong simple record of something that I’ve come across by chance, that evokes a memory, conveys a mood, or the passing of time. 


I then carefully select the most appropriate medium on which to make the print 

that best reflects my original concept of the image. This could be an appreciation 

of a relic of our industrial past, light filtering through the ancient stonework, 

the sculptural form of tree roots, decorated ceramic pots in Deruta in Italy, or simply young cellists rehearsing in an ancient Salle in Briançon in the French Alps.


All these images share one principle - to convert a fleeting visual concept as sensitively 

as possible into a memorable printed image.

Simon Ciappara

A three wall exhibition entitled:





Friday 2nd September

to Sunday 2nd Oct

A Small Wall Exhibition

An exhibition of photography

by 10 year old

Rian Perkes

Fri Oct 7th till Sun Oct 30th

A selection of previous guest exhibitions