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A Flint Wall Exhibition by Paul Fisk 

Change of scenery

My pictures are made while working in the very belly of the film consuming beast.

To achieve my images, I use in-camera masks and different techniques on the front of the lens, I also use colour filters.

I make my exposures on the back of the film.

I use an old the Kodak Box Brownie and have shoot 6x18 frames in the 6x9 Brownie. Some pictures contain 20+ different exposures. The Box Brownie (called Suicide Blonde) that I'm currently using has been modified to allow me to produce these formats.

I'm also using a Mamiya super 23 press camera.

I am in the process of designing and building my own camera to ais in the exploration of the photographic process.


October, November and December 2021


A new members exhibition:               GRAVITY

A force that attracts a body towards the centre of  any other physical body having mass.

November/December 2021

Mark and Judith Hunt. Ceramics and Artworks.