Some of our previous guest exhibitions


Alternative View, by Martin Fry and Dave Wheeler

Mick Battams. Small World People.



Paul Fisk. Change of Scenery.



Lisa Gates. Restricted Observations.



Paul Fisk. Architexture Flexure.



Mark and Judith Hunt, A Closer Look.



Lesley Foster. Bloomin' Loverly.



Carol Gleeson. Diversiform.



Ralph Weber, (German Digital Artist). Things Happen.



Chris Hann. West to East.



Michael Cant. Horses on the Common.



Zoe Allen. An Exhibition of Body Art.



Kevin Wailes. Bugs, up close and personal.



Sue Laughlin. Impressions of Suffolk and Mundy's Farm.



Fred Pepper. Lest We Forget.



Cally James. End of Lockdown #1